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Internet marketers are responsible for creating, developing and implementing marketing campaigns for a wide range of businesses and organizations on the Internet.

Internet marketers can work for businesses. Or they can be self-employed, sometimes working out of their own home office.

"The scope of the business now is enormous," says Susan Negen. She's an Internet marketer, retail consultant and author. "I think there's a huge amount of potential and the variety of opportunities available for marketing products on the Internet is enormous."

Gregg Meiklejohn has been involved in marketing for many years. For the last three years, he has focused on Internet marketing. He has seen this fast-moving industry change over that time.

"There's a proliferation of Internet lead generation processes," says Meiklejohn. "And there's social convergence technology like MySpace and Facebook that have created different dynamics pertaining to how people talk together on the Internet and how people communicate."

What this means is that the Internet has made marketing more personalized. It helps marketers find good "leads" -- people who are likely to be interested in a product or service. Thanks to the Internet, marketing is increasingly about creating a message that will appeal to a particular person, based on their unique needs and interests.

"The Internet has become more and more about creating these rich, interactive communities of relationships than it is about a sort of one-dimensional pitching of ideas, products or offerings," says Meiklejohn.

An example of personalized marketing is the growing area of "contextual marketing." This means doing things like placing text ads on websites that are likely to be viewed by people interested in what's being advertised. For example, an ad for your dog grooming service could appear next to a news articles about a dog show.

Another example of contextual marketing is when search engines place ads that match your search terms on the side of the screen. It's all about getting the right message in front of the right person.

"Search engine marketing in particular is the world's largest direct response advertising medium, and it's the most effective and the most accountable," says Meiklejohn..

Advertising on the Internet is a relatively new thing, compared to advertising through things like television, radio and magazines. And despite the dot-com crash of a few years ago, experts agree that Internet advertising will survive and thrive.

Total sales on the Internet, not counting travel purchases such as airline tickets, will be more than a quarter-trillion dollars by 2011, according to Forrester Research. In 2006, Internet advertising revenues in the United States were $16.9 billion, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). In the first quarter of 2007, Internet advertising revenues were nearly $5 billion.

Working as an internet marketer does not have physical requirements. You will work in an office setting and will need good communication skills for interaction with other employees, employers and customers.

"There are as many different ways to market products on the Internet as there are people who have imaginative ideas out there," says Negen. "There are certain things that work better than others, but there are lots and lots of different ways to be a marketer on the Internet."

At a Glance

Design online marketing campaigns for businesses

  • This is an office job
  • There are no special physical requirements
  • You'll need marketing, accounting and computer skills