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Marketing and Sales Development Coordinator

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Have you ever attended a computer show or kids' expo? If so, you've experienced the handiwork of a marketing and sales development coordinator. They plan and organize trade shows and other promotional events for their company.

Marketing and sales development coordinators may wear many hats on the job. The basic job description is the same. But their duties can vary from company to company.

Among other things, they handle public relations and advertising. They also help develop sales tools and marketing material. That includes brochures, press releases, newsletters, sales letters and product updates.

They evaluate marketing projects to see how well they are working for the company. They may suggest improvements or create new projects.

Their duties may also include database input, customer service and gathering information. They can also assist other marketing and sales personnel.

A marketing and sales development coordinator conducts market research. They analyze research data. Then they compile reports based on their findings.

Any company with a product or service to sell may hire a marketing and sales development coordinator. Besides time spent at trade shows and other marketing events, they work in offices, usually near top management.

This is a very deadline-driven occupation with lots of challenges. People in this field also find it rewarding.

Steve Miller is the author of several books. He is also the president of a marketing consulting firm outside Seattle.

What does he find most rewarding about this field? "When a person comes up to me and says that my advice and direction created extremely high measurable results for them!"

If you want to go into this field, don't count on an 8-to-5 day. Rori Reber is a marketing coordinator for a publishing company in California. She says that you may have to work weekend hours and there can be travel involved.

"If a trade show begins setting up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday and packs up at 11 Tuesday night, that's not within your control. The same might go for meetings and conferences. Once an event is underway, the hours are very long!" says Reber.

This is a high-energy job. But someone who is physically challenged may still be able to perform most of the duties.

At a Glance

Organize trade shows and promotional events

  • This is a high-energy career
  • Coordinators can work for any company with a product or service to sell
  • Get a degree in business, marketing, commerce, communications, advertising or public relations