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What They Do

Public Relations Specialists Career Video

Insider Info

Publicists are communication and promotion specialists. They help promote a variety of clients, including book authors, musicians, movie or television celebrities, special events or productions, businesses, organizations and more.

Publicists must have strong communication skills, especially writing skills. They prepare press kits and press releases. They are always in contact with people in the media who are willing to print or broadcast their material about the client they represent.

Publicists are required to solve problems, research and make important decisions -- sometimes on a moment's notice!

An outgoing personality, self-confidence and enthusiasm are all assets for a publicist. A healthy sense of competition and flexibility are also considered excellent qualities.

Some publicists, such as literary publicists, are called "niche publicists" because they only work with certain clients, such as published book authors.

In the entertainment industry, a unit publicist makes sure the media are aware of a movie or television production by sending out press releases, arranging interviews with cast members and crew, preparing media kits or arranging set visits.

At a Glance

Keep your client in the headlines

  • Some publicists specialize in a certain type of client
  • You'll need an outgoing personality, self-confidence and a healthy sense of competition
  • Most publicists start out with a university degree in journalism or public relations