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September 18, 2017
Dear Faith: Why should I take Spanish?

Faith says: Learning a second language is a great idea! There are several reasons to learn Spanish:

1) It will help you with your job search and eventual career. We now live in a "global marketplace," so learning more about other cultures and languages can be a big asset in any career. Employers are always impressed to see another language on your resume.

2) Learning Spanish can actually help you with your English! Studying another language helps you learn about the parts of speech and improves your communication skills in any language.

3) As you know, there are many Spanish speakers in the U.S., so Spanish is helpful for many jobs across the country and for travel in many areas.

4) Cultural understanding: Learning about other languages and cultures can broaden your perspective on the world. Knowing another language can give you an insider's view of cultures other than your own. It also helps when you travel!

5) It's fun! Although learning another language can be frustrating, it is a very rewarding feeling when your classes start to come together and you actually have a conversation in another language.

If you're trying to decide if learning Spanish is for you, you should discuss this with a Spanish teacher at your school. They'll have more information on your situation.

Good luck!