PROMISE Scholarship Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions










How can I check the status of my PROMISE application?

To check the status of your PROMISE application, log into your WVSAM account and select application status from the drop down menu.

How do I know if my application was received?

Once you successfully submit your PROMISE application, you will receive a confirmation page and email with a confirmation.

What other documentation is required for my PROMISE application?

You are also required to submit a FAFSA by March 1. Additional documentation may be required for you application. If you have questions regarding additional requirements and documentation, you should review the PROMISE Application Checklist, under the FORMS tab or log onto your WVSAM account to see what we currently have on file for you.


Do I have to be a WV resident to qualify?

Yes, a student must be a legal resident of West Virginia for a minimum of one year prior to the application deadline (March 1, 2021).

What if I don't have an eligible 3.0 GPA and/or eligible test scores prior to the PROMISE application deadline?

You should complete the PROMISE Scholarship application and FAFSA prior to March 1 and try to improve your grades in your eighth (final) semester of high school. If you achieve the 3.0 overall and core GPA in your eighth semester, you should have your high school counselor submit a grade report form (located under forms tab) and transcript to our office. If you achieve a qualifying score on the ACT or SAT after the March 1 deadline, be sure to self-report your eligible score on your WVSAM account. Your official scores must be received in order to qualify.

Can I take college credit hours without jeopardizing my PROMISE eligibility?

Yes, you may take as many college credit hours as you desire prior to college enrollment. Please note: Dual credit courses may affect your overall high school GPA, since students also receive high school credit for these courses. Dual credit coursework and corresponding grades are used in your future cumulative gpa calculation for renewal but will not be included towards the credit hour requirement.

When is the last date I can take the ACT or SAT in order to qualify for the PROMISE Scholarship?

June 6, 2021 for the SAT; July 18, 2021 for the ACT.

When will I be notified of my PROMISE Scholarship application status?

Students are typically notified in April/May. You can log in to your WVSAM account to check the status of your application, at any time.

Can I appeal the decision regarding my application for the PROMISE Scholarship?

Yes - please review our appeals policy.

Do I need to provide a copy of my final high school transcript to the PROMISE Scholarship office?

If you are using your last (eighth) semester of high school to determine your eligibility then you should have your school send a grade report form with attached transcript which identifies both your overall and core GPA. Private school and homeschool applicants who submitted eligible grades with 6th or 7th grade information, must have a high school counselor, school official, or homeschool administrator must verify the gpa was maintained through the final term. This will be done through email to certifying official listed on the grade report form.

If I accept the PROMISE Scholarship, are there any additional requirements I must agree to?

Yes, by accepting the PROMISE Scholarship, you agree to provide the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission any information they may request regarding your address after graduation, your employment after graduation, whether and where you are enrolled in a postgraduate program and such other relevant information as the Commission may deem necessary to assess the effectiveness of the PROMISE Scholarship Program.

Where can I view the legislation that outlines the rules and administration of the PROMISE Scholarship program?

You can download the PROMISE Legislative Rule here PDF icon.

Can weighted grades be used in determining eligibility for the PROMISE Scholarship program?

Yes, the PROMISE Scholarship program will accept a weighted GPA, if it is calculated according to county grading policy.


How is my core GPA determined?

The core GPA is calculated based upon county grading policy in all of the core courses (English, math, science, and history) you have completed, not just those required for graduation. Visit the list of core courses for the PROMISE Scholarship for more information.

Do I need to maintain a 3.0 average in each subject area during high school?

No, you are only required to maintain a 3.0 in the core subjects (English, math, science, and history combined) and in your overall GPA according to county grading policies.

What happens if my GPA drops below 3.0 in my last (eighth) semester (after the PROMISE Scholarship application deadline)?

Students are required to maintain eligibility through eight semesters. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your scholarship.


Can I renew the PROMISE Scholarship?

Yes, please visit our list of renewal requirements for more information.

Your institution will notify our office of your eligibility for renewal. You are not required to reapply or submit a FAFSA each year to renew your scholarship.

May I take a leave of absence from college without losing the PROMISE Scholarship?

Students may take a leave of absence from college without losing the PROMISE Scholarship. PROMISE Scholarship students are expected to maintain continuous enrollment in addition to the other renewal requirements set forth in this section. However, an institution of higher education may waive this requirement for a medical or family bereavement absence consistent with program policies. The institution may also grant a leave of absence for students entering or being called to military active duty, or enrolling in a study abroad program, internship, or co-op program.

Other requests for leaves of absence must be submitted in writing by the student to the Director of State Financial Aid Programs. Student leave of absence requests submitted to the Director may include, but are not limited to:

  • The pursuit of programs related directly to the student's educational program

  • Study abroad

  • Extreme financial hardships of the student or the student's immediate family

  • Service or volunteerism

  • Other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control where continued attendance would create a substantial hardship for the student.

A student granted a leave of absence under these provisions who resumes his or her education at an eligible institution, assuming he or she meets all other eligibility requirements at the time the leave of absence was granted, shall retain eligibility for a PROMISE Scholarship until the first of the following events:

  • The student receives four semesters of PROMISE Scholarship assistance while enrolled in an associate degree program or graduates from the associate degree program.

  • The student receives eight semesters of PROMISE Scholarship assistance while enrolled in a baccalaureate degree program or graduates from the baccalaureate program.

  • The sum of the number of academic years from the date of the student's initial selection as a PROMISE Scholarship recipient equals six years, except for military service provisions outlined under Section 5 of legislation outlining the rules and regulations of the PROMISE Scholarship Program.


Can I use the PROMISE Scholarship at an out-of-state, Academic Common Market school?

No. The PROMISE Scholarship can only be used at an in-state, accredited institution.

Can I transfer institutions without losing my PROMISE Scholarship?

Yes, as long as you transfer to another PROMISE eligible institution and maintain your PROMISE Scholarship eligibility as outlined under the renewal requirements. You should contact our office or your new institutional financial aid office if you decide to transfer.

What if I am awarded the PROMISE Scholarship, but choose to enroll at an out-of-state or ineligible institution?

A student who was deemed eligible for a PROMISE award but elects not to enroll at an eligible institution may regain eligibility providing the student discontinues enrollment at the ineligible institution no later than one academic year after high school graduation and re-enrolls at an eligible institution. Any such student must meet the eligibility standards for a PROMISE award renewal. Renewal Requirements

To have your scholarship reinstated, you will need to provide our office with an official transcript verifying you have met these requirements at your out of state institution.


How much is the PROMISE Scholarship award?

PROMISE scholars will receive annual awards valued at the lesser of tuition and mandatory fees OR $4,750 at the West Virginia public or private higher education institution they choose to attend. The amount of a PROMISE Scholarship awarded in combination with aid from all other sources shall not exceed the cost of the education at the institution the recipient is attending.

Scholarship funds will only pay for mandatory fees assessed to all students at the institution. Other fees may be applied to you account, but would not be covered.

I planned to attend one school when I submitted my PROMISE application, but I've changed my mind and am enrolling a different West Virginia institution. What should I do?

You should notify the Financial Aid office at the college or university you will attend or contact our office.

How do the PROMISE Scholarship Program and the West Virginia Higher Education Grant Program work together?

Students can receive both forms of state-level financial aid if they meet each program's eligibility requirements. For additional information about how the PROMISE Scholarship Program coordinates with other financial aid programs, click here, or contact the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, Division of Financial Aid at (304) 558-4417 or toll free at 1 (877) 987-7664. You can also e-mail

How do I receive my PROMISE Scholarship?

PROMISE awards are sent directly to the institution a student attends. If you have questions or concerns about your account, you should contact your school's financial aid office, or the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, Division of Financial Aid.

If you have been officially awarded and the PROMISE Scholarship is not showing on your financial aid package, you should contact your institutional financial aid office.


Where can I find information on the FAFSA??


Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission
Division of Financial Aid
1018 Kanawha Blvd. East, Suite 700
Charleston, WV 25301

(304) 558-4618 or 1 (877) 987-7664