Summer PROMISE Award

Summer PROMISE Awards

To be eligible for a summer award, a student must be academically eligible for scholarship continuation at the end of the spring semester preceding the summer that assistance is requested. Student considered "off track" are only eligible to apply if they are able to graduate at the end of the Summer or Fall term of the current year.

  • Any summer award under this provision is dependent upon the availability of funds as determined by the Policy Commission.

  • Priority for summer awards will be based on class rank with the highest priority given to students closest to graduation.

Students, other than those graduating at the end of the summer or fall term of enrollment, must be enrolled for at least 12 credit hours.

  • The hours requirement can be waived for students with special situations willing to utilize a semester of eligibility towards their maximum number of semesters of eligibility.

  • To do so, students must attach a signed letter requesting special consideration and stating they are aware they are using a semester of eligibility towards their maximum number of eligible semesters.

  • Students graduating at the end of the summer term or fall term are only required to enroll for a minimum of 6 credit hours.

A summer award counts as a semester of utilization toward the maximum number of available semesters.

To be eligible for summer award assistance a student must submit an application by the May 15 deadline.

  • Application is available on the CFWV website under the Summer PROMISE Award page.

Summer awards will not be made until early June; students with payment due before that time may be responsible for payment.


Summer PROMISE timeline

  • March 15 - Summer PROMISE Application becomes available on

  • May 15 - Summer PROMISE Application deadline

  • June - Eligibility determined

    • Student eligibility notifications sent
    • Payments sent to institutions

Summer PROMISE Application

The 2018 Summer PROMISE Application deadline was May 15, 2018. The application is no longer available. If you wish to apply, or have questions regarding your application, please contact our office at 304-558-4618 or your school's financial aid office.


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