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May 27, 2019

Dear Faith: How many years of study does it take to earn either an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or master's degree?

Faith says: An associate's degree usually takes about two years. You can then go straight into the workforce or use it as a springboard to a bachelor's degree program. Often, the credits earned for an associate's degree can be transferred to a four-year bachelor's program, but it's best to check with the school you're considering just to be sure.

Earning a bachelor's degree generally takes four or five years of full-time studies. Once you have your bachelor's, you can get a master's degree in one to two years.

You can learn more about specific educational programs by going to Explore Careers, under the Career Planning tab, and choosing one of the clusters (i.e. Finances). There you'll find a collection of career articles that offer profiles of what to learn and required education levels. Each article has advice from professionals and others who actually work in the career.

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