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Admission Procedures

Bethany College offers admission on a "rolling" basis. Applicants are generally notified of an admission decision within two weeks following the receipt of all application credentials. Review of applications begins mid-October.

Complete this online application for enrollment and scholarships. After you are finished, click the 'SUBMIT' button located in the left column of the application and follow the directions. Print and sign the application agreement statement that appears after you submit the completed online application.

Transfer Admission Checklist

Return the application agreement statement to the Office of Admission in addition to the other documents listed below:
  • A copy of your official college transcript(s) from all previous colleges or universities attended. A transcript which is stamped "Issued to the Student" is not considered official. Please note: After we receive your transcript, a copy will be sent to the Registrar's Office where evaluation of credit will occur. Course descriptions or the catalog from each college attended is helpful. Holders of the AA degree receive two years of college credit.
  • One letter of recommendation preferably from a professor or instructor. Complete the upper portion only of the Faculty Report and as a courtesy, please provide a pre-addressed, stamped envelope for the person who is recommending you. Additional recommendations may also be submitted.
  • A Statement of Good Standing Form must be completed by the Dean of Students Office at your current institution.
  • The financial aid transcript must be submitted from each previously attended college or university. This is required whether or not you were receiving financial aid/scholarship funds from your previous institution.
Transfer students who have completed less than 12 credit hours of college work must also submit the following:
  • A copy of your official secondary school transcript.
  • The SAT Reasoning Test of the College Entrance Examination Board or the examination of the American College Testing (ACT) Program. Bethany College codes are: SAT (CEEB) — 5060 and ACT — 4512.
Program for Academic & Social Success (PASS)
PASS at Bethany provides additional one on one support by professional educators to students who disclose a diagnosed learning disability. These services are in addition to the accommodations offered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation ACT of 1973.
Financial Assistance
If you are seeking financial assistance from Bethany College, you are required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to Federal Student Aid Programs. To designate that a copy of your FAFSA be forwarded to Bethany, please list our school code, 003808, on your FAFSA application. Those who submit this form prior to March 1 will have preference. Similarly, all other potential state and local sources of financial aid should be investigated, and the appropriate application should be completed by the stated deadlines.
The Bethany Merit Scholarship Program
Your completed admission application and college transcript will serve as your application for Bethany College merit scholarships. Bethany offers a wide variety of scholarships in addition to merit based awards.
Bethany College
31 E. Campus Drive #4
Bethany, WV  26032
Out-of-state telephone: (800) 922-7611
Fax: (304) 829-7142
How to Use the Bethany College Online Application

To complete the online application, simply type your answers in the corresponding fields or select your answers from the popup lists (where applicable).

After you complete a screen, click the NEXT button at the bottom or on one of the sections listed on the left column to move to a different screen. Before you are allowed to jump screens, we will inspect your data on the current screen for errors or inconsistencies. If errors or omissions are found, you will be returned to the screen to correct your answer(s). Otherwise, your data will be saved and you will proceed to the requested screen. We also allow you to skip to another screen without your new data being saved. Be aware that if you use the Skip & Jump function on the left column, data on the current screen will not be saved and will have to be re-entered prior to submittal.

Once you have completed the application, click the 'SUBMIT' button located on the left column to submit the application.

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