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Management Information Systems Specialist

What They Do

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MIS specialists are computer whizzes who plan and supervise the operations of information systems and data processing activities.

They determine computer hardware and software requirements. They evaluate the usefulness of new equipment options. Then they make purchasing decisions based on what products will keep the business operating at optimum levels.

"Management information systems is the study of the design, implementation, management and use of information technology in organizations," according to one university program's description.

MIS specialists work for a wide variety of companies -- utility companies, colleges and universities, high-tech firms, business and industry, newspapers, airlines, investment and securities institutions, insurance organizations, research organizations and law enforcement agencies. They also work for government.

This is an office job. Most MIS specialists work at least 40 hours a week, sometimes longer if they're under pressure to meet project deadlines.

Physical fitness isn't a factor in this job. Still, MIS specialists are usually in a managerial or executive position, so stress management skills are highly recommended.

Many businesses need MIS specialists. Yet not all need or can afford to have MIS specialists all to themselves. These companies will hire MIS experts from consulting firms. MIS is part of the outsourcing trend, notes Yair Wand. He's with a university's MIS program.

At a Glance

Plan and supervise the operations of information systems

  • Many companies are hiring MIS specialists as consultants
  • This is usually a managerial or executive position
  • A diploma or degree in MIS is needed to get a start in the field