SMART529 is a college savings program sponsored by the State of West Virginia and is available to participants nationwide. Named after the section in the IRS tax code that authorized these programs (Section 529), SMART529 is a tax-advantaged college investment program that can offer many benefits over taxable college savings accounts.

If you're comfortable making your own investment decisions, you can invest directly in SMART529 or if you prefer the recommendations of a financial advisor, you can invest through a variety of investment professionals. Check with a local bank, financial planner or investment firm in your area.

SMART529 is a program of the West Virginia College Prepaid Tuition and Savings Program Board of Trustees, the State Treasurer is chairman. Program management is provided by Hartford Funds. For more information, call toll-free 866-574-3542 or visit Link opens to new window.

SMART529 at a glance

  • Contributions grow tax deferred, withdrawals for qualified expenses are federal income tax free (special tax advantages for WV residents)
  • WV residents - initial investment as little as $1, no minimum for subsequent contributions
  • Parents, grandparents, other adults and businesses are eligible to open an account
  • Beneficiary can be any age, you can even open an account for yourself
  • Account owner maintains control of the account even after the beneficiary turns 18
  • Save for tuition & fees, room, board, books & supplies
  • Compatible with grants and scholarships like PROMISE