Write Down Your Daily Expenditures for One Month

Go to the dollar store and buy a small spiral flip notebook to stick in your car, your pocket, your purse, or your backpack. Keep it handy!

Write down every single penny you spend every day for one month. If you put a quarter in a parking meter, write it down. If you run through the fast food drive-through, write it down. If you pay your cell phone bill, write it down. Write down absolutely everything you spend every day for one month straight.

For most people, this exercise is a real eye opener. Your true spending habits will be revealed, and you may be motivated to change some of your behaviors and stick more closely to decisions and choices that support your values and goals.

Once you have recorded your expenditures for a month, go back to your Monthly Expense Form and make the appropriate adjustments based on what you now know and the changes you are motivated to make.