Determine Your Monthly Net Income

This is easy!

Using our example, if you work 20 hours a month at $6 an hour, your monthly income is $120 per month. Or is it? Remember, other people are getting some of YOUR MONEY before it ever gets to you, like the government, and perhaps your employers if you receive benefits. So, determine what you can count on actually coming in, your net income.

DO NOT count overtime or other potential income of which you are not certain. If these things come in, you can make adjustments. However, for the sake of realistic planning, only count income you know you will receive.

Keep this calculation of your monthly net income up to date and file it away with your lists of values and goals.

At this point, it's a good idea to get all of these pieces of paper organized. Find a folder or a drawer and begin keeping your Money Management file. You will always have what you need to work with if you begin this simple process today.