Finish Your Degree

Finish your degree!

If you started college but didn't finish, you could be just a few classes away from earning your degree!

West Virginia offers two programs to help adult students with some college credit count their previous credit hours in order to earn a two-year or four-year degree. Best of all, these programs allow you to finish quickly and to tailor your studies to fit your career goals.

Two-Year: Board of Governor's (BOG) Associate in Applied Science Program

  • Credit Hours Needed to Complete Your Degree: 60*
  • Offered at: All public two-year community and technical colleges in West Virginia
  • For More Info: Check out the BOG program information, or call 1-866-TWO-YEAR (866-896-9327).

Four-Year: Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) Program

  • Credit Hours Needed to Complete Your Degree: 120*
  • Offered at: All public four-year colleges and universities in West Virginia
  • For More Info: Check out the RBA program information, or call 304-558-0089.

*Many West Virginians are able to count previous credit hours, but in some cases previous credits you earned may not qualify. If you're interested - contact a BOG or RBA coordinator to see if your previous hours count!

Interested in another type of degree? You're not alone!

With today's workforce demands, many adults are returning to the classroom to earn a degree - and secure the higher paying jobs that come with a college diploma. In fact - nearly one out of every three college students in West Virginia is over the age of 25!

West Virginia's two-year and four-year colleges and universities offer hundreds of online and on-campus course options that work for adult students. Our career planning tab can help you explore careers, find out what sort of education you need, and search for colleges and universities offering that program. Get started today!