High School Planning Timeline

7th Grade

All 7th grade planning steps are shown.
High School Planning steps are highlighted.
Work at developing good study habits.
Maintain good grades.
Start saving for college.
Talk to people who have attended college to learn about their experiences.
Start thinking about which jobs interest you.
What kinds of work would suit your interests, abilities, aptitudes, values and learning styles?
Get involved in extracurricular activities like clubs, student organizations, sports and volunteer work.
If you're given opportunities to pursue academic subjects and extracurricular activities that are new to you, take them!
It will help you to expand your outlook.
Look into additional academic options that may be available in your area, such as magnet programs and school enrichment programs.
Practice your time management skills.
Learning to make the most efficient use of your time can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed.
Improve your reading, writing and math skills.
These basic skills will serve you well in both college and career.